Who St. Patrick really was.

Patrick preached the way of salvation like we preach it: repentance toward God, and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ [Acts 20:21]. And upon that confession of faith, he baptized his converts, just like we do today! [Romans 6:3-5]. Exactly like it. Exactly like it. They had the Lord’s Supper in both kinds, and to Patrick it was an emblematic, memorial service. This represented His body, and they broke bread. And this represented His blood, and they drank of the cup, just like we do today [Matthew 26:26-28, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26]. Continue reading Who St. Patrick really was.

The Truth about Christmas

              With there being a month of snowmen, fat white people dressed in red and scenes of a baby in a manger it’s radically obvious that Christmas time is here. There is a theme more common around this time of year, and that is Giving. The scene of a baby in a manger, the song “Joy to the world.” All this is about when God gave his only begotten son. The thing that’s missing a lot of the time nowadays is what does the Bible have to say about Christmas? The answer, in short, is that God gave the world his son: … Continue reading The Truth about Christmas

The Church as it is meant to be

      As a Bible believing Christian, the question has crossed my mind “What is the church?” With it being around the time of year where everyone gets super religious because the church down the corner is having free food, it’s important to know what “The Church” is all about. Simply put The Church is the body of Born-again Christians. Well what about the building down the street? That’s just a building, no matter how massive and “holy” it looks (most of the big ones are a waste of brick and architectural design anyway). Remember how most of Christ ministry was … Continue reading The Church as it is meant to be

What does the Bible say about Death?

           With people dropping like flies from shootings, global heath threats, drugs, and random accidents it brings up the popular question “Why do people have to die?” With me believing there is more to this life than what we can just see and knowing that there is Gods Holy Truth in the Bible (better than any other truth out there) I also wanted to know “What does the Bible say about death?” Death:            100% of people who are born, die. Just look at all of History, every time a human baby … Continue reading What does the Bible say about Death?

Faith is more than 5 letters

      Have you ever had an experience where you go to sit down in a chair and your classmates or coworkers pull it out from underneath, or you go to lean on something miss it and fall over? From then on you don’t trust your classmates or you’re extra careful about where you lean. Your faith in that situation has been tested. You’re a little bit more wary about what you do because of that. What is faith? Some people describe it as leaning on something you know is going to be there; faith is hoping then what you’re … Continue reading Faith is more than 5 letters